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Drawing Up Plays (EP.1 - Pilot) With Gus Frerotte

I worked with the NVL boys to animate this segment from their interview with Gus Frerotte, a retired NFL quarterback.

We made the video as part of a pitch to NFL Europe, but unfortunately, the NVL and NFL Europe didn't end up working together. 

Sandwich Artist Stories (EP.1 - Pilot) With Gus Frerotte

Alternative intro to the video above. Due to the NFL’s partnership with Subway I was asked to create an alternate intro changing the name to “Sandwich Artist Stories”.

The NVL Show

Was asked to create an animated version of the NVL’s YouTube show “The NVL Show”

Detroit Lion’s Clothing ad

Detroit Lion’s legend Calvin Johnson was known as Megatron.

Due to this I created a transformer style transition between NVL’s Detroit Lions available clothing.

Randall Cunningham Jersey ad

Randall Cunningham was known as Plastic man which inspired this jersey ad.

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