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pattern 3 larger long.png

7 Days (2022)

Whilst cutting together her VHS tape, the girl from The Ring inexplicably leaves in footage of herself practicing her dance moves. 

COQ Juice
"For the Doers and the Don'ters!"
Ad Campaign 

COQ Juice is an energy drink for all the people that do and all the people that don't.

Bike Theft

Following an acapella group's rehearsal, a bike belonging to one of its members is stolen

Jaguar-Man: Episode 1
The Introduction

Jaguar-Man is a hit show picked up by the BBC or something. It rivals current superhero tv shows such as Flash Gordon, Batman and Fleabag.

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Jaguar-Man: Episode 2
The Promo

The First promo poster for Jaguar-Man causes controversy within the "team".


Official Music video forCHEESE GRATER FOR LIFE by P. Diddy, formerly Puff Daddy.

Directed by P.Diddy AKA Sean Combs.

Breaking News

It's in the name.

The Helicopter 

while exiting his house a man encounters a stranger with an interest in a helicopter flying above them.

pattern 3 larger long.png


Inktober is a month-long annual art challenge that takes place in October.  The challenge involves creating an ink drawing every day during the month based on a set of prompts provided by the Inktober website. However, this challenge has been expanded to general drawing and also animation. 

Vibrating Man

On sale now!

The Moth

Three Men must put their wits together to defeat a creature creeping through their home.

The Kitchen

a scorned lover takes his revenge, but unexpected

allies may be lurking in the shadows.

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