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Collaborated with Brockley Brewery to showcase their seasonal beers, beginning with Autumn and concluding with Winter. The project was cut short due to a global pandemic.

Autumn Amber Ale

Brockley Brewery:
Seasonal Beer Campaign

Winter Golden Ale

Both ads were created in Photoshop and animated in After Effects, with additional elements animated in Toon Boom Harmony for the Winter Gold Ad.

Brewing, Selling and Delivering Beer 7 Days
a Week

During the global pandemic I partnered up with

Brockley Brewery once again, this time to promote their beer delivery service.

Can't come to the pub? The pub will come to you!

Hither Green Taproom 

After Brockley Brewery opened their second home known as "Hither Green Taproom" the same promotion was needed for this site!
Can't come to the pub? The pub will come to you!

Hither Green Taproom
Re-Opens to the Public

When the pandemic regulations changed, pubs were allowed to reopen to the public. So, I made a satirical instructional video showing how social distancing would work at the Hither Green Taproom. I did everything for the video, from writing and filming to narrating and editing, and even created the motion graphics.

Brockley Brewery
Seasonal Beer -
Winter Golden Ale Animation Breakdown

A quick animation breakdown of the Winter Golden Ale Advert

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