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Morley's Chicken Perfume Campaign

South-East London's finest fried chicken spot Morley's teamed up with Cyber Swine Studios to create an ad campaign for their very own fried chicken scented perfume. The plan was to create an animated advert using the real perfume bottle and real fried chicken from Morley's using all the stereotypical perfume advert tropes, with a sudden manic flare! As people are crazy about chicken!

The animated advert would be released on all of Morley's social media platforms, accompanied with one video of a customer purchasing and enjoying the perfume.

However, the final hurdle to complete the campaign was the poster and billboard campaign, which would centre around South East London aka Morley's routes and then venturing out to the rest of London via posters on the London Underground and Overground.

This advert was of course top secret and was finally released in all of its greasy glory on April 1st 2023, with a massive success on all of Morley's social media platforms, the most buzz in the end coming from photos that circulated on the internet of the billboards scattered from Peckham to Whitechapel. 

Unfortunately none of them are real and nothing below is real...

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Artboard 1.png

Morley's Premium Fried Chicken Perfume Advert

The Ad was created with the filmed; perfume bottle, Morley's fried chicken and of course the Morely's chicken box, there assets were manipulated and animated in After Effects.

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TikTok / Reel Videos

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The Poster and Billboard Campaign

The poster campaign ended up being the crown jewel of the Morely's Chicken Perfume Campaign for one reason and one reason only, they looked real! A lot realer than the campaign itself, April Fools.

It's a lot harder to find flaw in something if you immediately believe it, and people did, maybe not the full campaign but the posters, they believed the posters.

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