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pattern 3 larger long.png
pattern 3 larger long.png

Recíprocamente Art
Exhibition in Seville

Promotional animation for an art exhibition in Seville, Spain.

In Seville I was living in a block of flats surrounded by other blocks of flats which inspired the design of the video

pattern 3 larger long.png

Third Sector International
(3SI) Social Posts

Electronic Lunch - 25/01/20 moved back at the last minute to 22/02/20 due to rain in Spain? I know mad right?

El Día de la Marmota or Groundhog Day 02/02/20 a two day event.

Conciertos Del Gallo or The Rooster Concerts which were played every Sunday night in February

Cine Polska - a Polish Film festival spread over the month of February

Valentines Day

Carnival de Cádiz - 20/02/20 - 01/03/20

Ellas dan el Cante - 07/03/20 a day of music celebrating woman's day.

More animated videos, documentaries and motion graphic work was in the pipeline but due to the Corona Virus I was sent back to London with no indication of being able to return to Seville, Spain

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